Construction and Design

Grøn Timber Frame

O'Brien Barn Nears Completion! Visit our Facebook page to view complete build log.

Gron Timber Frame announces the launch of our new timber framing mortise and tenon layout tool! Click here to go to our YouTube channel where you can view instructional animations. Email us for ordering information and be the first to receive this innovative and time saving bit of kit!

In May 2014, through the Timber Framer's Guild, Gron Timber Frame volunteered our time and labour, along with 60 other timber framers, for two weeks to help construct a new community barn for the village of Pemberton, BC.

It was a fantastic experience and I'd like to thank the Guild and especially the Village of Pemberton for the opportunity. The warmth, appreciation and enthusiasm that Pemberton showed us has been truly inspiring.

Thanks Pemberton!

Here are some photos from the recent ribbon cutting ceremony.